Welcome to a Renewed Spiritual and Physical Life!

It is my pleasure to receive you and your quest in my place of renewal.
Relax and visit for awhile.

If you are here, your spirits have contacted mine in search for some hope and comfort
for your ailments, because I was given a gift that must be shared to bring love, light and peace
to our world. I am not the doer, but instead an instrument of God through which His immense
amount of healing energy is channeled.

I am a natural Healer with several psychic abilities and have been on the Spiritual Path for over 15 years.
Although healing has always been innate to me, my abilities have been enhanced through ongoing education
of several healing modalities. My first training came about through the Silva Mind Control TM advanced course,
which involved hand healing.

Today, I have the training of a Reiki Master and have been initiated as a practitioner of the renowned
Rising Star Healing System TM.

My psychic abilities have allowed me to work on persons with terminally ill cancer,
women with difficulty becoming pregnant, and on many other ailments of the body and soul.
I have the blessed ability to channel the energy from God with the intention of providing
well-being to others. I am not limited to any particular disease, ailment or illness.
I also practice animal healing by using the natural healing background
to address all aspects of your animal’s health and wellness.

If you are seeking a spiritual alternative to treatment, I would love to
speak with you. Until then, many blessings of good health and happiness.