HEALING (In-Person & Distant) - Channeling Energies to Provide Well-Being

My first training came about through the Silva Mind Control TM advanced course, which involved hand healing.
I have the training of a Reiki Master and have been initiated as a practitioner of the renowned
Rising Star Healing System TM. For more information on these modalities, please see their pages.

In-person Healing Sessions A focused, calming and relaxed meditative environment in which
I employ the healing modalities above depending on your specific needs.
Every experience is different. Some persons have a physical reaction
while others do not however, all experiences and responses are positive.
$100.00 per hour-long session
$150.00 per hour-long session at your home or hospital
Three sessions are recommended but not always necessary.

Distant Healing Sessions Channeling healing energies to someone in another location yields the same
results as in-person healing sessions. The focus and desire of the receiver
intensifies the energy received. There are several ways to receive
distant healing which I can discuss with you.
$125.00 per hour-long session
Three sessions are recommended but not always necessary.