TESTIMONIALS - Positive experiences in healing

“DIANA: thank you for the rising star session, it was special on your part as it was on mine.
I never had so many physical, emotional and spiritual blessings happen to me at once. I think you
are a very gifted soul and I'm sure that everybody you touch will have an awesome experience
like I did. Thank you again!” E.V.

“I suffered from migraines, and with Diana’s healing sessions, they have practically gone away.” F.B.

“After a session with Diana, I felt energized and in a very good mood.
I can definitely say it has helped me feel less fatigued.” O.B.

“I felt the warmth and heat of her hands. I could feel the energy she was giving my body.
I could feel this positive energy all over my body. Her healing truly helped my gastritis.” A.M.

“Her name is “NALA” she’s a One year old yellow Labrador. Our Nala went to the Vet on a Saturday
for a round of vaccines, out of the blue during the following week We discovered a lump on her
back leg, the Vet said it was nothing, but it wouldn’t go away, we couldn’t afford the X-Rays, so as
a gift to us from the universe Diana came to our house for a visit, Nala seemed to be attracted to
Diana’s presence, like she needed to be healed, she kept on rubbing against her legs calling
her attention, at that moment Diana pressed her hands on Nala and so it happened!!!
Our NALA is like new. Thank you Diana you know how much NALA means to our family.
The Madrids”

“Diana is very special. She is warm, welcoming and her presence immediately sets you at ease.
After my initial Rising Star healing session, I felt a renewed sense of spirit and enlightenment.
I have a better understanding of how healing energy works and I believe it can truly make a difference.” -A.S